Paphos Purrs


Creating a better life for the stray cats of Paphos, one purr at a time. 

Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) 052400



Our Mission


Filling Feline Bellies Across Paphos

From the sun-drenched streets of Tala to the vibrant bustle of Coral Bay and the charming alleys of The Old Town. Paphos Purrs is on a mission to ensure no stray cat goes hungry.


Medical attention and spaying & neutering

Every cat deserves a perfect life free from pain and suffering. We work with vets across Paphos to provide urgent care and ongoing support keeping paws healthy. As funding increases we also hope to work alongside TNR champions to conduct regular spaying &neutering to avoid further increases in the stray cat population.



Through our blogs and website guidance we'll provide resources to make sure locals and visitors know what to do if they find a cat in need of attention.


Our Passion: Caring for Paphos' Stray Cats

Our Founders, Rob & Devon have always had a great love for cats. During trips to Paphos, they’d spend hours every day driving across the island to spend time with the many strays and always wished they could do more to help. After relocating to Cyprus in 2023, they decided to establish Paphos Purrs and are now on a mission to grow the charity to provide the best life possible for cats that need help.


"Stray cats may seem like just another part of the scenery, but they're living beings in need of our help. By supporting the wellbeing of these feline friends, we not only improve their lives but also uplift our communities with compassion and kindness. Join us in making a difference, one purr at a time.”

Devon Barclay, Co-Founder & Trustee