Tiggy's Tail: From Sun-Soaked Scamp to Stitched-Up Superstar!

Meet Tiggy, the Paphos tabby with a dash of Bengal swagger.


He’s ruled our street for years, a shy charmer whose trust came in measured doses of purrs and cautious head bumps. When we first arrived, he was a distant shadow, flitting through sun-drenched gardens. But Paphos summers are no joke, and with scorching temperatures on the horizon, we started leaving out cool water and a feast of biscuits for any feline passer-by.


Tiggy, naturally, took to these offerings like a king to his throne. Soon, he graced our doorstep more often, even accepting the cushy, fridge-chilled cooling mat we got him (hey, thirty-degree days call for pampering!). He was warming up, but who knew the heat wouldn’t be the only drama summer had in store.

©Paphospurrs Tiggy

One day, Tiggy came sporting a monstrous abscess on his belly. Closer inspection revealed two angry scars, battle wounds courtesy of perhaps another cat or (gulp) a Paphos snake! Now, coaxing this independent feline into a carrier is no easy feat, but with Rob bearing the brunt of Tiggy’s claw-tastic defence, we finally got him to the vet.


The verdict? Urgent surgery for that nasty abscess. In and out he went, returning all stitched up, sporting a warrior’s scar across his tummy. For two weeks, our living room became his convalescent palace. Surprisingly, this street sultan took to life indoors like a catnip connoisseur. He even tolerated the “cone of shame” with regal indifference, purring through every stitch clean.

©Paphospurrs Tiggy

Tiggy’s recovery, complete with after-care, cost us a hefty €300. Thankfully, some purr-fectly awesome folks on Instagram heard his story and chipped in, lightening our financial burden. But Tiggy’s tale is just one of many we’ve encountered this year. Each case carries a hefty price tag, which is why we’re asking for your help!


Remember, a little donation can go a long way in funding future feline adventures. Think of it as buying a catnip subscription for Paphos’ strays, ensuring they get the care they need when the heat, or worse, throws them a curveball. So, let’s join paws and create a purrfect world for every street cat, one meow-nificent story at a time!

©Paphospurrs Tiggy