Paphos Purrs: Embracing Winter, Embracing Compassion for Cyprus' Stray Cats

As the vibrant warmth of Paphos surrenders to winter’s embrace, a new challenge arises for our city’s stray cat population.While our network of feeding stations provides sustenance, they offer limited respite from the increasingly cold nights,leaving felines vulnerable to the harsh elements. Long, damp nights stretch before the dawn, and the threat of sudden storms adds another layer of hardship.

At Paphos Purrs, we refuse to accept this as the status quo. This winter, we’re embarking on a crucial mission: to construct cozy, straw-filled shelters that will offer cats a sanctuary from the chill. These will be havens of warmth and safety, ensuring feline friends can weather the coldest nights with dignity and comfort.

But to make this purrfect vision a reality, we need your support. Here’s how you can be a vital part of the solution:

  • Become a Shelter Sponsor: With your €18 contribution, you can directly fund the creation of a cozy shelter,gifting a vulnerable cat the security and warmth they desperately need. Imagine the gratitude purring in their hearts!

  • Join the Monthly Paw Patrol: Consistent funding forms the backbone of our mission. By signing up for a monthly donation, you become a reliable advocate for feline well-being, ensuring essential supplies and medical care throughout the year.

  • Every Contribution Counts: No gesture is too small. A one-time donation, whatever the amount, helps us secure the resources needed to nourish feline bodies and spirits throughout the winter.
©Paphospurrs We created this shelter for an elderly dumped cat at one of our feeding spots.

Together, we can transform this potentially harsh season into one of comfort and hope for Paphos’ stray cats.Please share this message, consider donating, and join us in creating a purrfect winter for our furry friends.


Remember, every contribution plays a vital role in this mission. Let’s show Paphos’ stray cats the true meaning of community and warmth this winter! ❄️