Tutti & Frutti: Two Tiny Tornadoes Battling Winter Blues (on a Shoestring Budget!)

Remember that feeling of dread when the heating bill arrives in winter? Yeah, imagine doubling that and then adding in endless vet trips for two sassy kittens – that’s our December in a nutshell! Meet Tutti and Frutti, two pint-sized hurricane sisters dumped just as Cyprus decided to play freeze-tag with the sun. Click below to see their first images and x-ray.

They were little more than wobbly furballs when we found them, purrs quieter than a church mouse. One look at their trembling bodies and we knew the vet was their next stop, fast. Cue the symphony of barf and poop – don’t judge, it happens when tiny tummies fight off whatever nasties they picked up on the streets.


Thankfully, Parvovirus, that shadowy villain, decided to skip town. After three days of antibiotics and chicken-flavoured gold dust (aka kitten food) the girls were making improvements. We built them a cuddle fortress, and each purr, each clumsy wobble felt like a tiny victory lap.

Then, just as their eyes got all sparkly and mischievous, Frutti’s breath went rogue – like a scared rabbit trapped in her chest. Pneumonia, the sneaky bugger, had moved in. December, supposed to be jingle bells and gingerbread, became a blur of vet visits, each trip lighter in euros and heavier in worry. But Tutti didn’t escape unscathed – bronchitis took up residence in her lungs, requiring daily doses of antibiotic injections to keep it at bay.



€417.45 later, these little furballs finally got a clean bill of health! But the fun ain’t over yet. They need their first spaying (Tutti’s in heat – shocker for a 4-month-old!), which costs a cool €45 each. Luckily at a discounted rate because the regular price would make Scrooge faint! & of course their vaccinations at €60 each. This takes our grand total to €627.45.

©PaphosPurrs Tutti&Frutti After Medical Care
©Paphospurrs Tutti & Frutti

Here’s the rub: we haven’t received a single donation for these sassy sisters. That’s why we’re throwing out a purr-ayer for your help! Every euro, every pound, is a cuddle in the dark, a brick in the path to their purrfect forever homes. So, dig deep, friends, and let’s shower these tiny warriors with the love (and vet bills) they deserve!


Remember, in Cyprus, stray kittens shouldn’t just survive, they should thrive! Join us, and let’s make their happily ever after come true, one meow at a time. Click the link to donate and become a furry friend’s hero!


P.S. Even a little goes a long way in these little bellies’ fight for a purrfect life. Let’s make their story one of purrs, not tears!


Stay tuned for more exciting updates..

©PaphosPurrs  Frutti & Tutti after
©Paphospurrs Frutti & Tutti