Behind the Scenes: How Your Donations Keep Paphos Purring!


Here at Paphos Purrs, we’re dedicated to caring for the stray cats of Paphos, and that mission wouldn’t be possible without your incredible support. Today, we want to offer a peek behind the curtain, showing you exactly where your monthly donations go and how they make a world of difference in the lives of these furry friends.


Fuelling Feline Adventures:


Every day, our trusty cat-mobile embarks on a mission of nourishment. Imagine the scene: 10 litres of fresh water sloshing in the back, a 10-litre container of biscuits overflowing with kibble, and a treasure trove of 20 cat food cans, all ready to satisfy hungry tummies.


Those biscuits? They magically disappear, devoured by eager claws and purring mouths. In the scorching summer months, even water disappears at an alarming rate – we often top up over 10 litres during our rounds, a testament to the Paphos sun’s thirst-inducing power.


And the wet food? It’s a delicious treat, especially in winter when those furry coats need extra fuel to brave the chillier temperatures. We dish out 5-6 cans daily, ensuring a warm, satisfying meal for every feline soul.

©Paphospurrs At one of our feeding spots

More Than Just Treats:


Of course, feline well-being goes beyond a full belly. Our car also carries a little mobile first-aid kit, ready to tackle the unexpected. Flea spray keeps those pesky parasites at bay, while a nit comb and medicated eye drops offer relief for various ailments.


Sometimes, our furry friends need a little more TLC. Antibiotics and eye drops, ranging from €4 to €10, help combat infections and soothe irritated eyes. 


Kitten Care: A Special Bundle of Joy (and Expenses!)


For those adorable bundles of fluff, their needs are a little different. Kitten food, costing around €60 a bag, provides essential nutrients for their growing bodies. And good quality cat litter is even more crucial, a €18 expense that ensures a healthy environment for our multi-cat household.

©Paphospurrs Freddie

Monthly Magic: €146+ to Keep the Purrs Flowing!


On average, we spend around €146+ each month keeping Paphos’ strays happy and healthy. This covers the essentials, fluctuates slightly depending on extra feeding stops or the amount of food used however this excludes any unexpected vet visits. This also doesn’t cover the monthly cost of having any unexpected fosters (like Tutti &Frutti) who required specialist food,bedding, toys, beds etc.


Monthly Donations: The Purrfect Predictability.

Monthly donations are vital for us, offering consistency and a reliable source of funding. Knowing what we’ll receive each week allows us to plan effectively, ensuring our furry friends never go hungry or lack the essentials they need.

Your monthly support is a lifeline for these vulnerable cats, providing them with food, comfort, and a helping hand when they need it most. So, thank you for being a part of their story, for contributing to their purrfectly happy lives. With your continued support, we can keep Paphos’ streets filled with feline smiles and grateful meows!


©PaphosPurrs Mumma Cat

Ready to join the purr-fect crew? Sign up for a monthly donation today and make a difference in the lives of Paphos’ stray cats! Write us a note to specify what you’d like your donation to be for!