Teeny's Triumph: From Paralyzed Kitten to Thriving Tripod in Ireland

Paphos streets are tough for strays, especially kittens. Teeny, a black and white whirlwind of energy, knows this all too well. He emerged from summer 2023, the sole survivor of his litter, facing the harsh realities of life alone. But Teeny’s spirit, unlike his fellow kittens, refused to be crushed.


He frequented our feeding spot, a beacon of hope for hungry strays. We knew him as the fearless first one, the king of the kibble pile. But one day, something changed. Teeny appeared hesitant, hiding in a bush, dragging a paralyzed back leg. 

Panic turned to action. We rushed him to the vet, where a high fever and potential semi-permanent paralysis loomed. Antibiotics became his daily dose, hope our silent prayer. The next day, an X-ray revealed the truth: no broken bone but a leg that would never regain function due to significant nerve damage.


Teeny’s fighting spirit, however, was far from broken. He was a character, a black and white cowboy with a squint that added a dash of charm to his determined gaze. But the dragging leg took a toll. Daily baths became a necessity, a testament to our unwavering commitment to his well-being.


Then came the difficult decision: amputation. A second opinion at a specialist vet, confirmed our fears – another hurdle. But Teeny, the little tripod who refused to be defined by limitations, soared. He embraced his newfound agility, his purrs echoing louder than ever.


This is where Natalie, a Paphos angel, entered the scene. A champion for TNR and rescuer of countless sick cats, she was a lifeline for Teeny and another tripod rescued from a pet shop Mango. Natalie’s sister, a heart brimming with compassion, opened her home in Ireland, offering Teeny a forever haven.


Today, Teeny, lives in gorgeous Ireland with a home fitted with an outdoor enclosure with other special needs cats.


His €600 journey with us wouldn’t have been possible without your generous donations. You, the kind souls who answered our Instagram plea, are the heroes of this tale.


Teeny’s story is a testament to the power of community, of unwavering love, and the importance of your support. Every euro you donate helps us write more happy endings, one brave, three-legged cat at a time.

©Paphospurrs Teeny

©Paphospurrs Teeny

©Paphospurrs Teeny After surgery

©Paphospurrs Teeny

©Paphospurrs Teeny

©Paphospurrs Teeny in his forever home in Ireland