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Stray cats in Paphos, Cyprus, have long been a significant problem. With more cats than humans believed to inhabit the island – that’s more than 1.5 million roaming the streets.


This overpopulation can lead to health issues, including the spread of disease, malnutrition, and injuries from fights. The issue is compounded by the lack of affordable veterinary care, which means that many of these cats suffer from untreated health problems.

The local media report the government can only allocate €100,000 per year for spaying and neutering. This would only cover roughly 1,111 cats! This means the cat population continues to grow exponentially further exacerbating the situation.

Paphos Purrs is a small cat welfare charity that is dedicated to helping these stray cats. By supporting this charity with donations, you can help to provide food, urgent medical care, shelter and TNR (Trap Neuter Release) to these vulnerable animals. 

Your contribution can make a significant difference in improving the lives of these cats and preventing further overpopulation.

With your support, Paphos Purrs can continue to work towards a more humane and sustainable solution to the stray cat problem in Paphos.

Our governing document lays out our full charitable objects and how we ensure we run the charity in an effective, compliant and ethical manner.

As a newly formed charity, we have scarce resources and therefore prioritising provision of food, water and urgent medical care to our feeding groups across Tala, Coral Bay and Old Town. As we grow the charity, we’ll then expand this to focus on working with TNR champions to help with spaying & neutering. As winter begins in Cyprus we are also looking to provide shelter through our sponsorship programme. Please note we are not a rescue organisation so if you have found a cat in need of urgent medical care please take them to a vet as soon as possible as we do not have resources to help cats outside our colonies. For further guidance click here. 

Our Trustees

©PaphosPurrs Devon

Devon Barclay

Devon is Co-Founder of Paphos Purrs. She has extensive experience in the Retail and Health Care. She brings expertise in customer service, business management & operations.

©PaphosPurrs Robert

Rob Lindsay

Rob founded Paphos Purrs, alongside Devon. He brings extensive experience in business management, HR, operations and programme delivery.


Stephanie MacDermid

Steph has broad experience in Financial Services and brings expertise in project management, technology implementation and HR.

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